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Kim Kardashian doesn't realize she's the butt of an old racial joke

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Tangible effects of 2010 World Cup not equal for all South Africans - Africa News | Latest Africa News Headlines | The Irish Times - Mon, Jun 23, 2014
Top 10 Reasons Why Corporate Social Media is Not Your Friend, and Dark Social Media Is | Black Agenda Report
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The $1 Billion Dollar Man
101 Independent Black Owned Businesses to Support for Blackout Friday | Afrobella
Black-Owned Businesses Are Quietly Powering Detroit's Resurgence, But No One's Talking About It

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Black athletes unbound: Missouri protest a sign of a renewed spirit of activism in college sports?
Dr Boyce Watkins: It’s time for black scholars to get off the academic plantation | Your Black World

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How Nubian Skin reclaims beauty for black women - This Is Africa Lifestyle
Rihanna Rocks African Print Dress as She Visits the White House
Lupita Nyong'o Is a Glamour Woman of the Year for 2014: Glamour.com
Haiti Business Week - Article Profile - Haitian-American Lisa Drouillard to represent Haiti at Miss Grand International
Haiti Business Week - Article Profile - Bringing Haitian Uniqueness to New York Jewelry lines

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National Film Preservation Foundation: Footage of Orson Welles's "Voodoo" Macbeth
Ancestral Voices | Reconnecting to ancestral wisdom…

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You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience by Bob Frissell
The Shamans of Egypt | Reality Sandwich
(R)evolution in Consciousness: The Book of Symbols Launch at the Rubin Museum of Art | Lisa Paul Streitfeld
How White Folks Got So Rich: The Untold Story of American White Supremacy (The Architecture of White Supremacy Book Series): Reclamation Project: 9780971446229: Amazon.com: Books
The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol: From the Dogon and Ancient Egypt to India, Tibet, and China eBook by Laird Scranton
Jacques Ellul - Wikiquote
Amazon.com: Mdw Dtr: Divine Speech: A Historiographical Reflection of African Deep Thought from the Time of the Pharaohs to the Present (9780907015949): Jacob H. Carruthers: Books
The First Americans Were Africans: Documented Evidence: PhD David Imhotep
Nigerian Plantain Porridge

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Ebola Fears Hitting the Chocolate Industry « CBS St. Louis
This Is Why You Should Never Spank Your Daughter
Woman with terminal brain cancer will go through with death, despite story’s attention: nonprofit rep - NY Daily News
JAPANESE WATER THERAPY | Treatment with Water

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Lost Libraries of Timbuktu
Black Jesus – A picture essay | Rasta Livewire
Running into the creator of the algorithm in Kiva
Cahokia: Mississippi's Ancient City of the Falcon King

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Etta James - Biography - Singer - Biography.com
Today’s Rap Artists Lost Touch With Black Historical Icons? | Africanglobe.net

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Poor people in the Deep South are on their own
A Civil Rights Leader Has Disguised Herself As Black For Years, Her Parents Say
How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti and Built Six Homes
5 Years After Haiti's Earthquake, Where Did The $13.5 Billion Go?
German universities scrap all tuition fees | The Times
European Activists Say They Don't Want Any U.S. 'Chlorine Chicken' : The Salt : NPR
Video Released of Trooper-Involved in Shooting

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The Rise of Privatized Policing: How Crisis Capitalism Created Crisis Cops
The U.S. Media Puts Venezuela Back in Its Crosshairs | The War on Venezuela's Democracy
Starting Friday, U.S. Will Ease Restrictions on Travel to Cuba
You Have To See This Impressive Retort To Bill O’Reilly Telling Tavis Smiley Blacks Scare The White Power Structure
Bill Gates Eugenics Empire Exposed - The Conspiracy Index
Mia Love becomes first Black (and Haitian) Republican woman in Congress
In 2014, countries are still paying off debt from World War One

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Santerίa: From Slavery to Slavery
Serapis (Sarapis), the Composite God
Easter – Its Ancient Origins

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Trip Down Memory Lane: Luba (Baluba) People: Highly Spiritual, Brave Founders Of Pre-Colonial African Kingdom Of Luba And The Largest Ethnic Group In The Democratic Republic Of Congo
Amarnaism: The Way of Truth, Peace, & Balance | A New Day with Nebkheperure!
The Egyptians Had Their Own Version Of Ayahuasca They Called “The Tree Of Life” | Collective-Evolution

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BBC News - Nobel Prize for the brain's GPS discovery
Scientists Create Solid Light | IFLScience
Falling in Love With the Dark - Issue 11: Light - Nautilus
Scientific Heretic Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields, Psychic Dogs and Other Mysteries | Cross-Check, Scientific American Blog Network

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Will Carnival Become the New Pirates of Haiti?
Young People Use Gorgeous Instagram Pics To Show There's More To Haiti Than Poverty

Welcome to Sankofa Sofa

A "living room" of deep cultural expressions from around the web!